Learn how to use mindfulness to get unstuck.


Have you tried psychotherapy, but found your situation isn’t calling for a conversation about your parents or your childhood? Have you tried coaching, but felt you needed something more than someone to “pump you up” or an accountability partner?

The Herst Mind/Body Coaching programs combine one-on-one coaching with mindfulness instruction to help you to clear away inner blocks to moving forward.

Our method is designed to help you quickly learn to apply mindfulness to your life, relationships and work. It’s a step-by-step, proven process developed through years of work with clients.

We pair mindfulness training with coaching because they work so well together. The training teaches mind/body practices and skills in an easy-to-understand way, the coaching helps you apply it to your unique needs and challenges.

We start by delving into your objectives and exactly what challenges and obstacles you are facing. Over the course of several weeks, you will be led through a process to help clarify and align to your purpose. You will also dive deep into mind/body science to help you be more present and take control of your thoughts and emotions.

The training includes written instruction, journaling and guided audio meditations. You will develop knowledge and skills that you can take with you beyond our work together.


Our work together will be focused … on your specific objectives and a clear path forward.

Proven Process

A step-by-step, proven process based on years of work with clients. It includes both engaging instruction and one-on-one coaching.

Mindfulness + Neuroscience

We teach time-tested mindfulness alongside modern neuroscience so that you understand how and why it works.


We focus on your whole life, your body, mind, heart and spirit so that you feel whole, happy, connected and fulfilled.

Brief But Deep

Our programs are between four and eight months in length; we get to the heart of the issue quickly.


We help you apply mindfulness to your life and develop a personal practice to reap the benefits.


What do clients we work with commonly say they need help with?

•    "I am unhappy and unsettled in my job to the point where I'm waking up almost nightly in a panic."

•    "I am grappling with a lack of productivity and sense of purpose in such a dysfunctional organization."

•    "I still want to know what I ultimately want to do with my life?"

•    "I am faced with all these different negative emotions, and it is impacting my daily life. They come and go like a rollercoaster, and I am unsure how to control them."

•    "I have been an incredibly hard worker my entire life but my ability to manage stress is not so great, and it is contributing to hypertension that recently sent me to the hospital." 

•    "My boss is incredibly difficult to deal with, and my day is at the whim of his moods."

•    "I put an incredible amount of pressure on myself, to the point where it affects my happiness and my ability to see the ‘good' in the situation that I am in."

•    "I commit to things and then don't follow through."  

•    "I am struggling with impostor syndrome and a lot of negative self-talk."

•    "I want to be able to lead a project and a team better." 

•    "I don’t feel as confident as I would like to at work. I’d like to be able to act and feel like a leader."

•    "I struggle with what I perceive as injustices or frustrations when my managers do not meet my expectations."