Getting Real


I was working with a coaching client this morning, and he was pretty anxious. As we started to explore the anxiety, what we discovered was that he wasn't being real with himself. He wasn't being honest about certain things that were happening in his life. In addition, he was waiting for and anticipating a different period of time. He's not alone. All of us get stuck in the waiting game. We are waiting for the raise, for that special moments when someone says the perfect thing. Whatever it is that we wait for is what stop us. Waiting is a big fat lie. And most of the time we won't be real with ourselves about the fact that we are waiting.

What's important here is is that we stop waiting it's almost as if we have to create an artificial death sentence for ourselves to wake up. We need to create our own wake up calls. That's one reason people hire a coach. A coach is trained to see ways in which we won't be real with ourselves. It's only when we get real that we can actually start to make change.

So often we try to make change on top of what we already have. We don't see how we've actually been being. We just try to change. The change doesn't happen until we get real can. Getting real just means being honest. Seeing what's actually so and also seeing what's not so. It means giving up the lie, whatever lie that you're telling yourself about the current situation you're in. More often than not we blame our circumstances, someone or something else for our current situation. When you can get real, when we can get honest that, in fact, our circumstances are your own choice, then we can actually start to create change.