Chad Herst, MS, LAC, PCC, CPCC

Chad Herst, MS, LAC, PCC, CPCC

I help leaders take control of their thoughts and emotions so they can serve as a light that attracts, illuminates and brings out the best in those they lead. 

My specialty is helping leaders clear the inner blocks that get in the way of motivating and influencing others.

I’ve worked with leaders at Fortune 100 companies, mission-driven organizations and entrepreneurial ventures. I have been helping people connect mind and body for more than 20 years. I’m based in San Francisco, but work with leaders around the world.


I am a longtime student of Eastern spiritual traditions and have been teaching mindfulness since 1997. I first went to India at the age of 18 to study Ashtanga Yoga. I’ve taught all over the world and co-established a top Ashtanga Yoga program in San Francisco.

I have been coaching executives to develop Emotional Intelligence and reduce stress using mindfulness techniques since 2009. Incorporating mindfulness-based practices with leadership coaching, my work helps improve:

  • stress management

  • self-awareness and self-confidence

  • presence and charisma

  • emotional reactivity

  • negative self-talk

  • decision-making and intuition

  • empathy and connection

  • conflict resolution

  • intuition

In addition to coaching leaders, I mentor coaches who want to expand their skills and develop business practices that align with their unique personalities and goals. I also teach my Mind/Body Coaching methodology to coaches with a background in yoga or mindfulness who want to work with their clients in a more powerfully transformative way.


The crux of my work with leaders is based on the understanding that the body senses things that the mind can’t. If you rely on your mind alone to make decisions, you miss important signals and opportunities. I work with leaders to strengthen their Mind/Body connection so that they consistently take actions based on their goals and intentions rather than fear.

I’m passionate about mindfulness because I’ve seen it work for myself and my clients. This is a labor of love. But my experiences have shown me that learning a set of new mindfulness skills isn’t enough for people who want to make profound change. You need an experienced guide who is able to tailor the teachings to their individual challenges, identify blocks, offer new perspectives and ask the kinds of questions that shift longstanding mindsets and habits. This is why I combine mindfulness instruction with one-on-one coaching.

My clients know me as someone who gets to the heart of the matter quickly. I listen for what isn’t being said and identify unconscious patterns that get in the way of what my clients say they want.

I call it like it is and am not afraid to speak uncomfortable truths. Leaders often find themselves in an echo chamber where the people around them tell them what they think they want to hear. I’m dedicated to saying what needs to be said in an honest, direct and compassionate way.