Melissa Herst

Melissa Herst

I help people move more purposefully, authentically and creatively in the world. 

My speciality is helping people reconnect mind with body, re-ignite their creativity and shift the way they relate with others.

I have worked with a range of people who are eager to take the next step—whether it’s starting a business, finishing a writing project or relating more wholeheartedly—but feel blocked somehow. I’m based in San Francisco. 


I’ve been a coach since 2009. My work is about helping people realign mind and body so that they can live, work and connect more healthily and happily.

My specialities include:

  • unblocking creativity
  • clarifying life purpose
  • building self-confidence
  • navigating difficult transitions
  • improving stress management
  • balancing work with life
  • deepening personal connections

I also teach Open Floor Movement, which is an approach to learning mindfulness that uses movement and interaction. Sitting still isn’t the only way to drop into the present! 


My clients know me as someone who is warm, down-to-earth and open. I have a knack for building strong relationships and getting to deep issues quickly. 

Many people come to coaching because they want some kind of change that is difficult to do on their own. I’ve found that one of the best ways to help people get unstuck and build forward momentum is to work with the body and mind together. 

I draw from a variety of approaches including values/purpose discovery, mindfulness and relational inquiry. My work helps deepen self-awareness, manage difficult emotions, connect more authentically and clear the cobwebs so that you can bring your ideas to life.

I’ve never been a person to hold back.  You can count me to be 100% real. I bring a spirit of wholeheartedness and transparency to everything I do.