Changing Career Paths

Chad has introduced me to a number of "tools" to help overcome certain challenges, tailored to my circumstances. The values work we did was particularly useful - identifying values that are most important to me. This was hugely insightful, because I discovered my current work was only fulfilling one of the eight values identified (security). I'm currently working on changing career paths and I use the values work as a framework for decision-making - so that I'm actually living by my values, and leading a more meaningful existence. Much kudos to Chad. Read more ... Andy B.

Getting Unstuck

After each time I meet with him, I feel an amazing amount of clarity about who I am and what steps to take to resolve my career/life struggles. I plan on continuing to see Chad for the foreseeable future and strongly recommend him to anyone who feels "stuck" or "lost" not only in his/her career but also life. Read more ... Brad S.

Kicking Ass at Life

7 months later, I'm so glad I started down this journey with Chad. I feel like I'm kicking ass at life like never before, despite things not always being super easy, and his support has helped make it possible in a big way. I have learned things that I'll use for the rest of my life. He's really good people - a beautiful person who genuinely cares about his clients - and I honestly don't know how he does what he does. Read more ... Rebecca H.

Coaching + Acupuncture

Chad helped me break out of so many of my unconscious patterns to create space for me to see who I am. I've seen several coaches and therapists and Chad has this unique ability to get to the deeper core of my issues. In addition, Chad does very incredible acupuncture work on your body. I saw a few acupuncturists before Chad and I simply felt the most moved and cared for with him. If you have the resources, the combination of coaching + acupuncture is particularly amazing ... Read more ... Alexander S.

Skeptical of Coaching

I was skeptical of coaching. I didn't want to discover my inner child or my true passion for being a rock star. What I wanted was a smart, practical person to listen to my problems, help me understand myself, and challenge me when needed. Chad blew me away. Read more ... Jonas J.

Executive Coach

I am an executive coach and spent many months searching for a coach that I felt truly comfortable with. As a former executive for 15 years, I was searching for a coach that was both professional and extremely competent. Chad exceeded all expectations. Read more ... Jamie S.

Finding New Direction in Life

There is no fluff. [Chad is] the best listener I've ever met. Taking my words and giving them more meaning, making me feel those emotions, to sit with them whether they're good or bad. His wisdom is vast and worldly, and his intuition for the truth goes very deep. He guided me while always making sure I held the compass, allowing me to open up to him completely, and in doing that, I found my truth and what I want in life. Read more ... Michael S.

Finding a Soulmate

Chad is an AMAZING life coach / healer / mentor / wellness adviser / acupuncturist / spiritual guide! I began my journey with him in search of figuring out my career path and to determine why I kept repeating the same patterns in relationships. Our first few sessions were so much more powerful than any type of therapy I had ever experienced before--he helped me tap deep within to uncover truths that had been weighing me down. Read more ... Adrienne P.

Daunting Life Decisions

Chad Herst is an invaluable resource in my life. I've been facing some daunting life decisions and he has an uncanny ability to listen and understand what I'm saying -- and what I'm not -- and help me navigate a course. He is remarkably adept at finding the question behind the question and guiding me towards my own truth. Read more ... Brook C.

Coaching for Work

Working with Chad for almost a year now, has truly changed my life. I was tired of ignoring my dreams and he really helped me work with my saboteur and look at life in a whole new way. His devotion to transformation is bar none above and beyond. He is crazy insightful, focused, dedicated, caring, generous and his other worldly wisdom is pure love. He's helped me start a small side business, tap into my creativity, ask for a raise at work, use my voice, take risks, and he has helped me do all of this being authentically me. Read more ... e. p.