Our programs are made for people who want to get unstuck and make meaningful changes in work, life or both.


Work is no longer nine to five. We are always on and connected to technology, yet many of us feel disconnected from what matters most to us. Our clients are typically working professionals from entrepreneurs and business leaders to sales managers and startup employees who come to us because they want to be whole people.

They want to be living and working with a sense of purpose. They want balance, joy and success. They want to be present and take control of their thoughts and emotions. They want to improve their relationships at home and at work.

Mind/Body Foundations

Many of us are disconnected from a sense of true purpose, from our own feelings and from the people around us. The critical voices in our heads cloud our judgment and chip away at our confidence. We get caught in patterns of unconscious acting and reacting that block us from our potential.

Mind/Body Foundations develops your ability to take control of your thoughts and emotions, rather than reacting unconsciously to them. It will allow you to see things—yourself, other people and the obstacles your up against— with greater clarity. It will support you to  make those critical choices you’ve been avoiding or afraid to make. Ultimately, it will help you lead a more meaningful life, work happier and improve your relationships.

The Herst Mind/Body Foundations program helps with:

  • CLARITY: To create the life you want, you need to be able to identify and work with your blind spots so you don’t keep falling in the same traps and dead-ends.  

  • CALM: Your mind has a way of over-reacting when you are triggered and under stress. The more facile you are at calming yourself, the happier both you and those around you will be.

  • RESILIENCE: When you learn to disarm the Inner Critic that both undermines you and gets in the way of being relatable, not only will you bounce back from failure more quickly, but you will also take more risks.   

  • PURPOSE: If you’re like most people, you’re risk averse. It’s not easy to live lives that align with our higher truths. We help you clarify what living “on purpose” is to you and support you to make courageous choices that make your life sing with meaning and purpose.

  • CONNECTION: If you have gifts to give, your ability to connect is more important than your charm. At the heart of creating connection is the ability to establish trust. Without trust people tend to go into self-protective roles. Through our work, we develop and strengthen the muscles of intuition and empathy to sense what is needed to create trusting relationships.

Mind/Body Executive Coaching

You may be at the top, but if you're like many of our clients, you probably feel like a fake. You're wondering when someone will finally find out that you're not as smart or capable as they think you are, and once they've found you out, you'll end up on the streets.

You might have already hired a coach, taken a workshop or read a few books in an attempt to manage your image and to come off as confident, decisive or charismatic. The problem with most of these approaches is that everyone can smell your B.S. from a mile away, particularly you.

No tips or tricks, no amount of money, and no prestige will ever be enough to fill the hole you feel on the inside. You’re going to have to look a lot deeper than that. If it’s going to be real, you’re going to have to get real. You can't keep sugar coating shit.

You’re going to have to look at your uglies, see how they’re running you, find a way of making peace with yourself and forge an authentic path forward. It's not always pleasant work, but it's good work, and if you do it, it will end the tyranny of that mean-spirited inner critic, once and for all.

Mind/Body Executive Coaching is for leaders who:

  • recognize ways in which their own patterns of relating with people undermine their efforts.

  • feel constrained by complicated relationships with peers and subordinates.

  • are burned out and facing a wellness wake-up call.

  • are wrestling with self-criticism and unhappiness despite already being successful.