Our programs are made for people who want to get unstuck and make meaningful changes in work, life or both.


Work is no longer nine to five. We are always on and connected to technology, yet many of us feel disconnected from what matters most to us. Our clients are typically working professionals from entrepreneurs and business leaders to sales managers and startup employees who come to us because they want to be whole people.

They want to be living and working with a sense of purpose. They want balance, joy and success. They want to be present and take control of their thoughts and emotions. They want to improve their relationships at home and at work.

Mind/Body Foundations

Many of us are disconnected from a sense of true purpose, from our own feelings and from the people around us. The critical voices in our heads cloud our judgment and chip away at our confidence. We get caught in patterns of unconscious acting and reacting that block us from our potential.

Mind/Body Foundsations develops your ability to take control of your thoughts and emotions, rather than reacting unconsciously to them. It also will help you to see things—yourself, other people and situations—as they actually are rather than how you want, hope or think they should be.

The Herst Mind/Body Foundations program helps with:

  • Purpose: clarify what brings meaning to you and what to do to align your life and career to this
  • Stress management: learn how to manage anxiety, anger/frustration and difficult emotions
  • Transitions: gain clarity about how to move forward in a new job, new city, the beginning/ending of a relationship, etc.
  • Confidence: learn how to manage the self-defeating voices in your head that hold you back from achieving your full potential

Mind/Body Leadership

As a leader, you are under pressure and stress. Learning to be more present and take control of your thoughts and emotions not only helps you be a better leader, but a happier one. These skills are learned in our Mind/Body Foundations program.

But leadership is about building strong relationships and inspiring subordinates, peers, stakeholders and customers toward a common vision. This is hard work as we all have a mix of habits and blocks that undermine our ability to connect powerfully with others.

The Herst Mind/Body Leadership program applies advanced mindfulness teachings to:

  • Team relationships: improve your ability to inspire, motivate and coach the people on your team
  • Peer relationships: learn to listen and communicate better so that you can influence others
  • Interpersonal patterns: receive unbiased and safe feedback on what’s holding you back in your interactions with others
  • Work, Life Balance: avoid burnout by striking a balance between work, life and your sense of purpose
  • Creating a vision: clarify how you can best be of service and chart a roadmap