Transforming the Sacred Wound Part 2: Identifying the Wound

In my previous blog post, I began a discussion about the sacred wound. The essence of the message was that when we regard the wounding we experience in our lives as good news rather than something that we need to hide from, destroy, or numb, then we have an opportunity to transform pain into genius. It's actually our wounding and our pain that causes us to grow and transform.  The people, situations, and things we come into contact with in the process of healing our wounds help us to discover our innate gifts. These gifts are our contribution to others.

The Promises of Sacred Wound Work

The point of this work is to establish a relating and relationship with the wound.  The point is NOT to get rid of the wound.  You may never feel wound-free.  That's not the point.  The point is to begin relating to it.  Instead of trying to sweep it under the rug by pretending it doesn’t exist or by trying to “overcome” or “master” your pain, this work will teach you how to establish a loving and compassionate relationship with your wound.  When you can find love and compassion for your wound, you can actually begin to transform it and in so doing, discover your genius.

Identifying the Wound

So for starters, it is important to be able to identify the wound or wounds. Below a recording that will help you uncover aspects of your wound or wounds. In order to really identify the wound, though, it can help to just look at the breakdown or discomfort that comes up in relationship to an individuals, groups or situations.  These breakdowns can be used as entryways back to the wound.  Each time you notice yourself angry, scared, hurt, sad, or shut down, follow the path of the pain back to your own experience.  For the sake of sacred wound work, each and every experience can be used an access to a deeper relationship and relating with the wound.  Once you have identified a breakdown or the sense that something is not quite right, start to feel into your body, into your emotional experience in order to develop a relationship to the sense of pain, to the sense of that something that is disowned, that hurts.  You might notice shame come up or anxiety.  Whatever the experience, just know that it is an entryway into the sacred wound.

Free Recording

Please download this Sacred Wound Meditation.  On it, you will be guided through a 10 minute recording that will connect you  and give you access to your unique and sacred wound.


Transforming the Sacred Wound Series

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