Mentorship and training in the Herst Mind/Body Coaching method to help coaches expand their ability to help more clients transform their lives.


Chad Herst is one Yelp's top ranked coaches in San Francisco and is known for helping people make profound, lasting change. He specializes in Mind/Body Coaching and brings two decades of experience teaching mindfulness and yoga.

Chad offers mentorships to new coaches who would like guidance on the craft and business of coaching.

He also teaches his Mind/Body Coaching Method to coaches with a background in yoga or mindfulness who want to work with their clients in a more powerfully transformative way.

Coach Mentorships

Many new coaches run into challenges with the business or process of coaching: including signing on new clients and keeping the engagement on track. They also tend to focus on accountability rather than the underlying cause of why a client feels stuck. The result is that little actually changes for the client.

Chad helps coaches hone their individual style and build successful practices through one-on-one mentorships.

If you are a new coach, a mentorship with Chad can help you:

  • Expand your coaching skills: receive feedback and insights on work with your clients
  • Develop an authentic coaching style: gain clarity and confidence in your gifts and unique offering
  • Grow your practice: learn the nuts and bolts of building a thriving coaching business

Learn the Herst Mind/Body Method

Practicing mindfulness is inspiring in its simplicity. But helping others apply mindfulness to their lives and work is not so simple. It’s not just about teaching material, it’s about developing the skills and asking the questions that invite people to make the practice their own.

The Herst Mind/Body Coaching Method is based on years of success helping clients clarify their purpose and enhance their emotional intelligence. It pairs a mindfulness curriculum that includes lessons, homework and guided meditations with coaching sessions that focus on the most relevant areas for each client.

Chad Herst teaches his Mind/Body Coaching Method to coaches with a background in yoga, mindfulness or somatics. They learn his proven and flexible system and are given access to all the teaching materials (lessons, homework and guided meditations) to share with their clients.


Are you a coach who is interested in learning from Chad?